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This is my art blog. I do both digital and traditional art. My art style may change from time to time, it depends on how I feel at the time.

I love the "concept" of Hades/Persephone.
I also love Zutara.

All artworks here are mine,

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I only have facebook, instagram, deviantart, and flickr)


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This is actually not really my drawing style. I like the realistic kind of thing more, but I didn&#8217;t have that much time to paint something realistic.. so instead, I decided to make it into a line art thingy.
I&#8217;ve always wanted to participate in a zutara week/zutara month stuff but never got the chance to. I was busy with other stuffs, plus some requests, and also.. I was out of town. So I was afraid that if I&#8217;m late I won&#8217;t be able to participate :/
So anyways this is my first zutara fanart for the zutaraweek 2014!
Plumboobz asked me to draw her cat &lt;3
(I&#8217;ve never drawn a cat before)

This is for Korra-naga ~ request based on this palette [x]

I’m still taking requests! :D

Ok so she asked me to do palette number 12 and apparently I was having a difficulty with that colors. I was a bit confused cuz I need to use those colors for two characters in the same image, so I cheated huehue~

Idk but I’ve been having this idea inside my head for awhile and decided to draw this instead. I still used the color from number 12 as the background and lines. Anyways I was also thinking what if someday Zuko can actually make blue fire like Azula?

I’m also a bit busy with other stuffs so I won’t be doing your request that fast. Also, I draw what I like or love so I’m really sorry but If I can’t really connect with the character you want me to draw, I can’t really draw them <3

Hope you like it! plumboobz I drew her sims 3 character, Acacia <3

I’m still taking request based on this palette [x] if you have any request go ahead and message me! :D

This is my first time ever doing something like this, plus taking a request. I really hope this is what you ask for adorkablezuko <3

This is the palette btw [x] I’m still taking request, so if you want to just message me! :D


aahh yess please please do give me requests! :D (my main artblog&#160;: antoinette-art.tumblr.com)
Hades and Persephone (kinda) WIP! :D
They&#8217;re actually my OC, the hades and persephone kinda thing is just the basic concept. Still thinking bout the title and names but oh well anyways it&#8217;s not done yet&#8230;
Zuko goes to college (modern time) idk, a really quick sketch.
I&#8217;ll color this one..
Elsa Sketch~


Will You Love Me?

pls view this on my official art blog : antoinette-art.tumblr.com

My best close up digital painting. No reference used, I kinda drew myself. (did this painting long ago.. drew this while I listened to lana’s song young and beautiful)

copyrighted <3

I posted this art first on my sims blog, so guess I’ll reblog it to my own art blog lel